Fox Chapel Golf Club Wedding Photography

Marissa and Jon were amazing, and their wedding was at one of my absolute favorite wedding venues in Pittsburgh – the Fox Chapel Golf Club!  They were both so easy-going, and it was obvious that their families love them so much. Get your Pin-It button ready, and leave a comment at the end telling me your favorite photo from their wedding day!

fox chapel golf club preferred wedding photographer

Congratulations, Marissa + Jon!

If there is one thing I absolutely love, it’s when a bride and her mom work through the wedding planning process together. I got to know Marissa and her mom over the course of the year – starting from our first meeting they were wonderful! The first time I met Jon, he was actually at another wedding that I was photographing, so it was a surprise to see the two of them there! I could tell just from that first meeting with them as a couple that they were relaxed, but still knew what they wanted. 

If there’s one thing Marissa and Jon are set up for, it’s a lifetime where they just adore each other. On the wedding day, Marissa was all smiles and tears on the altar at St. Mary on the Mount Church as she married Jon. A few days later, Jon couldn’t gush more on social media about his new bride. They are meant for each other, and I hope that their marriage is one of health, wealth, and lots of happiness!

bridal jewelry with pink

flat wedding shoes with sparkle

bridesmaids and bride laughing in pink robes on wedding day

bride putting on earrings on wedding day

One thing that I always do on a wedding day? Clear a room! It’s funny when I look at this photo, I know what the dressing room in the women’s locker are of the Fox Chapel Golf Club looked like before I rearranged some of the furniture. Sorry, Julie (the coordinator at the FCGC), for the rearrangement, but it looks good and fresh, no? 🙂

bride getting dressed in women's locker room at FCGC

father seeing his daughter as a bride for the first time

After Marissa’s dad saw her for the first time as a bride (which he just gushed over her), he turned to his wife and was once again moved to tears by how beautiful she looked. I have to note – THIS brought me to tears because it was such a great example of how a marriage can last for years and you can still look at someone in awe every day. Oh my goodness. 

bride ready to go to her wedding ceremony in pittsburgh

Wedding Ceremony at St. Mary of the Mount Church in Pittsburgh

Marissa and Jon had their wedding ceremony at St. Mary of the Mount Church in Pittsburgh‘s Mt. Washington area. The church is one of my favorites in Pittsburgh because it not only has a gorgeous view, but the interior is also beautiful. The church has wonderful architecture, but it’s not overpowering. The size is just perfect for a wedding ceremony that you want to feel grand, but also intimate.

One of the most signature images that I love to create in St Mary of the Mount Church is the silhouette of the bride and her father before they walk down the aisle. The front doors of the church are usually opened during the processional, so this creates for some beautiful backlight for this wedding picture. 

wedding ceremony program in flowers by Gidas Pittsburgh

silhouette of bride and father coming down the aisle at st mary of the mount church

You can tell in this wedding photo how close Marissa and her mom are in their relationship. As she walked down the aisle of the church with her dad, she glanced over to her mom with a loving glance. 

bride looking at mom as she walks down the aisle at st mary of the mount church

wedding ceremony at st mary on the mount church pittsburgh

bride and groom catholic ceremony wedding pittsburgh

During St. Mary of the Mount weddings, I can stand fairly close (because, again, the church is a good easy size), and get a great shot of the couple as they say their vows or exchange wedding rings. In this picture, I was using a long lens on my camera, but still captured a wonderful, close up reaction of the wedding ceremony events. 

bride smiling as she puts wedding ring on grooms finger at pittsburgh wedding

beautiful photo of inside of st mary of the mount wedding ceremony

bride and groom walking down the aisle together after st mary of the mount wedding

beautiful bridal portrait inside of st mary on the mount church pittsburgh

A quick side note about Mt. Washington wedding photos: sometimes the light is even better if you turn around and forget about the view of the city. Here, I LOVED, the light that hit on the couple from the overlook, and included St. Mary of the Mount Church in the background!

wedding pictures at st mary on the mount church pittsburgh

Carnegie Institute Pillars Wedding Pictures

After the ceremony, we hopped in their awesome limo bus and headed over to the columns at Carnegie Institute in Oakland. Surprisingly, we got the place to ourselves, which on a June wedding day is not common! I think Melissa was there earlier with her wedding, we must have just missed her! 🙂  I loved that the girls wore simple, pink dresses, which matched beautifully with their bouquets from Gidas Flowers

bridesmaids in pink long dresses for photo at carnegie institute pillars in oakland

bride and groom wedding photos at carnegie institute pillars in oakland area of pittsburgh

Fox Chapel Golf Club Wedding Pictures

After the columns, we got into the limp bus and drove back for more wedding photos at the Fox Chapel Golf Club. If there is one thing about this wedding venue: I could photograph a couple here all day! The grounds are just gorgeous, and there is always beautiful light! Add on top of that, the interior space with the open atrium is just stunning. If you are a wedding couple looking for a great venue with attentive staff, beautiful grounds, an open outdoor cocktail hour, and a good rain plan for photos (!), then the Fox Chapel Golf Club wedding reception space is an amazing choice.

bride and groom pose for wedding photo in the entrance arch of fox chapel golf club

wedding photos inside atrium of fox chapel golf club

bride and groom on golf course of fox chapel golf club on wedding day in june

wedding photos at fox chapel golf club june

the best wedding photo at fox chapel golf club

Wedding Reception at the Fox Chapel Golf Club

The wedding reception space at the FCGC is broken into a few rooms that are all joined through different doorways and arches. The main dining space consists of the dining room, columned throughway, and the atrium. All of these spaces are unique in their own classic way, and I always love when a bride and groom place their head table down the middle of the columned area. It makes for a stunning setup for a Fox Chapel wedding reception, and wows guests!

There is also plenty of natural light in the atrium, so guests have a light, airy feel during the dinner hour.

wedding reception decor at fox chapel golf club

wedding receptions at the fox chapel golf club

Marissa’s father gave a wonderful toast – he is a great guy! I love how the toasts photos were framed by the arches and chandeliers int he golf club. These were tricky photos to get, since the table takes up a lot of the space and some of the columns can block a view, but I am really happy with the results! I especially love the toasting photos where you can see the sparkle of the light coming through their champagne flutes. 

father of the bride giving a toast during wedding reception

creative wedding photo from toast with champagne glasses at pittsburgh wedding

bride and groom cheers during dinner at fox chapel golf club wedding

After dinner, there was dancing in the dance hall, with music and entertainment provided by the always amazing, Elite Showband. They are my favorite in the city! Marissa and Jon enjoyed a first dance surrounded by all of their closest family and friends, and everyone danced the night away!

bride and groom first dance at the fox chapel golf club

a bride and groom share a dance in the hall at fox chapel golf club

cutting the cake and kissing at a fox chapel golf club wedding reception

After all of the formalities, guests were able to dance the night away in the dance hall and also step outside onto the patio to enjoy some fresh air or the cigar and whiskey bar.

bride and father dancing at wedding in pittsburgh

groom and mom dance during wedding reception

fun dancing photos at pittsburgh wedding

outdoor cugar bar at pittsburgh wedding

amazing wedding photo outside of fox chapel golf club with reflection

Thank you, again, for having me with you! I can’t wait to get some beautiful wedding albums into your hands! Want to share about your favorite photo of their day, or leave Marissa + Jon some love? Leave a comment below!

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