Nemacolin Woodlands Resort Wedding Photography

I hope you’re ready for another Pin-worthy wedding, because Lena and Joey did NOT disappoint. From her Lazaro wedding gown to her beautiful centerpieces by Bella Fiore Floral, everything about this Nemacolin Woodlands Resort Wedding was just stunning. We had a hot, summery day, but there was just beautiful light everywhere and Lena and Joey were smiles all day long. Their guests just raved about their wedding day experience, and it was an honor to be their selected photographer to capture their wedding day memories for a lifetime.

wedding picture in front f nemacolin woodlands resort chateau

Congratulations, Lena and Joey!

From the moment I met Lena and Joey at their engagement session, I knew that working with them would be a dream. They brought along her mom, dad, and their beloved dog, Brody, as well – I got to meet the whole crew! These two are excellent at posing, showing off their love in front of the camera, and going along with my ideas. I mean, we did a sunflower field engagement photo session together – it was amazing!

On their wedding day at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in the hills of the Pennsylvania countryside, they again showed their love for one another in an outdoor ceremony and Grand Ballroom Wedding Reception that wow-ed their guests!

groom getting ready at nemacolin chateau

groom fixing fathers bowtie at nemacolin wedding

groom looking out the window at pennsylvania wedding

groom and parents at wedding family photo

groom standing in lafayette gardens for wedding portrait

custom tailored wedding suit on groom

Chateau Lafayette Wedding Bridal Suite

The rooms at the Chateau Lafayette are beautiful and spacious, which made it easy for us to have plenty of room for Lena’s getting ready photos. I like to move furniture around a bit to really open up the space in front of those beautiful, big windows. This is a great location for some of her preparation wedding photography at the Nemacolin Chateau, and we get beautiful light in the space!

chanel wedding perfume

sparkling wedding rings photos

wedding dress hanging in doorway of chateau lafayette

bride getting ready in nemacolin chateau

lazaro wedding gown and invitation

Lena’s getting ready time was peaceful, especially since she only had two additional bridesmaids and a flower girl, which made for a relaxing atmosphere for the preparations. One of the most fun parts of her Chateau Lafayette Bridal Suite location was that she could literally open the exterior windows and peek out over her wedding ceremony space in Lafayette Gardens. It was like a little preview of what was to come!

mom fastening bride lazaro wedding gown at nemacolin woodlands wedding

private and emotional mother daughter moment before wedding ceremony

bride putting on wedding earrings

lena biafora looking out of chateau lafayette on wedding day

candid wedding photography at nemacolin woodlands

bella fiore wedding flowers

Wedding Photos at Chateau Lafayette Nemacolin Woodlands Resort

After Lena was dressed and ready to go, we headed out in front of the Chateau (while the guys were in the back of the building) to photograph Lena and her bridesmaids and family. Since the day was very hot, I’m always aware of happiness levels with temperature, sweat, and tuxedos, so we stayed under the Chateau entry way arches and photographed lots of portraits in this space. Needless to say, I think this was the perfect spot for some amazing Nemacolin wedding photos, because – LOOK AT LENA! Oh my goodness. Dream bride. 

bridesmaids photo outside of nemacolin chateau with flowers by bella fiore morgantown

bride tossing her cathedral veil in the wind at pennsylvania wedding

nemacolin woodlands resort recommended photographers

best pennsylvania wedding photography family photo

nemacolin bride and her brothers on her wedding day

nemacolin woodlands resort weddings

Lafayette Gardens Wedding Ceremony

Lena and Joey celebrated their wedding ceremony in Lafayette Gardens in the back of the Chateau Lafayette. The area for the guests was nice and shady by the later part of the day, and Lena was just a dream walking down the aisle with her dad. On top of that, their dog, Brody, had on his “tuxedo” and was a part of the wedding as well! I always love how Nemacolin Weddings are dog-friendly, and I have lots of couples who bring along their favorite buddy to be a part of the wedding day! 

wedding flowers by bella fiore morgantown

bride seeing her dog who came from nemacolin wooflands on wedding day

groom kissing dog on wedding day golden retriever

wedding ceremony venue space at lafayette gardens

Lafayette Gardens is a wonderful place for a wedding ceremony, since it is spacious and quiet. There is a peaceful presence about the space, and it can seat a lot of wedding guests as well. There was a covered pergola with a chandelier and accompanying floral arrangements at the front of the aisle, and Lena and Joey were able to really enjoy the ceremony site without feeling confined to a church space (they were married in their home church in North Carolina earlier that week). 

wedding ceremony processional at lafayette gardens

flower girl and ring bearer coming down the aisle

bride and father walking down aisle at nemacolin woodlands wedding ceremony

wedding ceremonies outdoors at nemacolin

sunlight on wedding ceremony outdoors in pennsylvania mountains

large wedding ceremony outside of nemacolin woodlands chateau

As a wedding photographer, I love that I can move around at a Lafayette Gardens wedding ceremony and capture the event from multiple angles. 

parents of the bride looking lovingly at their daughter on her wedding day during the ceremony

laughing during wedding ceremony

wedding ceremony at lafayette gardens nemacolin

first kiss on wedding day at nemacolin

bride and groom smiling after wedding ceremony at nemacolin

Nemacolin Woodlands Resort Wedding Pictures

After the wedding ceremony, we did family photos (aw – with Brody, too!), and then we set out to get photos around the grounds of Nemacolin Woodlands Resort. There was a back patio area right next to the ceremony site that had just gorgeous light! I photographed Lena and Joey in this space, but it really only took us a few minutes to get some beautiful photos!

family photos at nemacolin

wedding couple with dog at nemacolin wedding

bride in lazaro wedding dress with golden retriever dog

bridal party at nemacolin woodlands with bridesmaids in pink

I also knew that we wanted to show off the main Chateau in their wedding photos as much as possible, so we walked into the Chateau Lafayette (hello, air conditioning!) and the lobby was pretty empty – yes!  We were able to get some signature Nemacolin Woodlands Wedding photos in this space, with the large chandeliers and marble entryway of the Chateau.

bridesmaids in pink with flowers by bella fiore west virginia florist

wedding couple pose for pictures in the sunlight at nemacolin woodlands resort

lazaro dress bride walking in nemacolin woodlands resort wedding photos

bride and groom kissing at lafayette gardens wedding picture

perfect wedding photo from nemacolin woodlands resort

wedding pictures at nemacolin woodlands resort

After we photographed them inside, we headed back outside to the sunshine, and had them spin a bit in front of the Chateau, and then took in some of the scenery of the surrounding Pennsylvania mountains. Nemacolin is such a wonderful, luxurious resort tucked away in the hills of Pennsylvania. I’m lucky to know that it’s very close to me, because traveling to photograph weddings here is a breeze! 

top wedding photographers nemacolin woodlands resort pennsylvania

wedding pics from nemacolin woodlands weddings

leeann marie photography wedding photo from nemacolin woodlands resort

Grand Ballroom at Nemacolin Woodlands Wedding Reception

After wedding photos, we headed over to the Grand Ballroom at Nemacolin Woodlands for Lena and Joey’s wedding reception! They had a band, SoundNation, which kept their guests on the dance floor after their formal events. I always love the chandeliers in the Grand Ballroom, and the cocktail hour that takes place on the outdoor patio. It’s a lovely room, with lots of space for a higher guest count. Their reception centerpieces featured tall branches mixed with low florals, and they made a donation to the American Cancer Society in lieu of favors. 

wedding reception in grand ballroom at nemacolin woodlands resort

reception space at nemacolin woodlands grand ballroom

bella fiore wedding flowers at grand ballroom in nemacolin

nemacolin woodlands resort wedding photographer

groom kissing bride during wedding day fist dance

wedding speeches during reception at nemacolin

pennsylvania resort weddings

champagne flutes during toasts at lena joey wedding

One of the best parts of their wedding reception in the Grand Ballroom was when Lena and Joey got up on stage to sing along with the band! I’m not sure they knew all of the words to the song, but that doesn’t matter when you’re the bride and groom! 

leeann marie photography nemacolin woodlands weddings

bride and father dance at nemacolin reception

chandeliers in grand ballroom at nemacolin backdrop for parent dances at reception

groom and mother dance together during wedding reception

groom and mother nemacolin woodlands grand ballroom reception

guests dancing to soundnation band

parents dancing at wedding reception in pennsylvania mountains

wedding reception candid fun photos by leeann marie

Thank you!

Thank you, again, Lena and Joey for choosing me of all of the wedding photographers out there to photograph your special day. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with you, and I am excited to get some wedding albums in your hands to commemorate the occasion! 

What is your favorite photo from Lena and Joey’s Nemacolin Woodlands Resort wedding?

Leave a comment below!

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