I know I’m bad about sharing personal posts, but honestly – I post a TON of stuff on a daily basis on my InstaStory. It’s hard to remember to share here sometimes! If you really want to follow more of my day-to-day and photos of my awesome daughter #joyjoyg, then you’ll want to join in on my Instagram account. That’s where you’ll see it all 🙂

However, I just had to share some personal photos from our recent European vacation on the blog with you! These photos deserve to be seen LARGE, and our vacation was simply wonderful.

Where did we travel? We spent three days in London, and then took the train over to Paris for another six days with family. My sister-in-law married a true French guy (sometimes I can’t understand what he’s saying with his thick accent), so we all decided to take a big family vacation to France together to celebrate. It was amazing!

Before we met up with family in Paris, just the three of us spent some time in London. We rented an apartment through Airbnb, and enjoyed the Tower of London, Tower Bridge, Borough Market, and the local pubs. I actually really enjoyed the food in London, as we tried to hit up some small local places nearby our apartment, and they were all fantastic. As a true coffee fan, I also have to say that the coffees I had in London were fantastic. Totally amazing, so I took lots of photos of them. This part of my trip has me seriously reconsidering why the HECK I have a Keurig…

Joy absolutely loved playing in the red phone booths, and I absolutely loved the idea of running into Royalty. I may be slightly obsessed… Actually, Brad DID see the queen as she was leaving Buckingham Palace when we were tourist-ing around that area!

Well, let’s begin at the BEGINNING! Here is Joy all excited to be on the big plane!

We made it!

First things first – we needed to eat. Joy asked for a chocolate milk, and she got this. I think she was pretty happy about that.

A little from the neighborhood where we stayed.

These were taken near Kensington, where we headed on our first day.

Wow, in true princess mode.

Kensington Gardens

The second day, we decided to head to the Tower of London area to do some touristy stuff, and ended up on a Yeoman tour, which was really informative, funny, and interesting!

Not much of the Tower Bridge, but a good photo of us!

Family photo!

Also took lots of photos of the food we ate. This was a pie with mashed potatoes from Borough Market (which we LOVED)

Just playing along the riverside.

We got onto the London Eye pretty quickly -the line seemed long, but it really was quick. It was nice that they only put a few people in each carriage, so we got lots of space to look around. I really liked that! 

All she wanted all day long was a “giant candy shop”. Instead, we got her an ice cream cone at the equivalent of a 7-11. She was thrilled none-the-less.

On to Buckingham Palace!

Again, more playing in the phone booths!

We were in London during the Manchester event, and so security was hyped up to the highest level. It was a bit weird, but.. what else do you do? Have to keep on living life! All in all, we enjoyed our time in London, although I am not sure I’m *itching* to get back any time soon. I have a lot more places on my travel list! Now… off to Paris!!


All photos taken on my new favorite travel-camera: Fuji x100t

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