Sewickley + Emsworth Engagement Photos

When I met up with Eri and Adam in Way Park, Sewickley area of Pittsburgh it was a gorgeous day! Add on top of that – they were getting married in a week. That sounds a little crazy, right? Married in a week? But it’s true! We were meeting up to photograph their engagement session in Sewickley before they headed out to Florida for their intimate wedding celebration.

photos of sewickley

sewickley photographers

Where we photographed in Sewickley

Sewickley is one of my favorite locations in the Pittsburgh area for engagement photos for a multitude of reasons. It’s a quiet neighborhood, and it has a lot of character! We took some pictures of the two of them in Way Park, which is a triangular park in the heart of Sewickley / Emsworth, and then walked along the streets until we came across some of the beautiful pink trees that are in bloom at this time of the year.

way park engagement pictures sewickley

emsworth engagement photos

Eri + Adam

Working with Eri and Adam was a pleasure! I learned how they met online, moved to the same area of the city to be with each other, and how Eri is a preschool teacher with a passion for children. They are wonderful people, and I told Eri that I would perhaps be stalking her Facebook to see her as a beautiful bride!

engagement pictures way park

way park engagement pictures

Spring Blossom Engagement Photo

Believe it or not, the photo taken with the pink flowers was taken while standing in someone’s driveway! I can make some photo-magic if I have some great background and light, no need to be in the ideal location. It worked wonderfully for one of my favorite photos from their session!

sewickley wedding photographers

My favorite engagement photo

My favorite photo from their Sewickley and Emsworth engagement photo session? I have a lot, but I have to say that the picture with the spring blossoms along the neighborhood streets is my favorite from the entire gallery. The spring time in Pittsburgh is such a short period, that any photos I can get with those beautiful blossoms are always my favorite! I specifically hunt down areas with those beautiful trees! 

emsworth engagement photography

sewickley photographers

fun sewickley engagement photography

Engagement Photos in Sewickley and Emsworth

If anyone out there is looking for a location for engagement photos that is quiet, serene, picturesque, and walkable, then the Sewickley and Emsworth areas would likely be great locations for your wedding or engagement pictures. There is even a beautiful river nearby!

ohio river sewickley engagement pictures

candid sewickley engagement photos

River Views over the Sewickley Bridge

After a quick change of outfits, we drove down the street to a little secret area that I love where you can access the Ohio River. The dock area also includes a view of the Sewickley Bridge, and has beautiful sunset over the river waters for some great engagement photo light. 

There is street parking nearby, and a little tunnel to pass through which also has some interesting, more grungy, background for photos.

engagement photo by river sewickley

sewickley engagement picture

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