Weddings at LeMont Restaurant and St. Paul Cathedral


Favorite Family Moment:

There were a lot of family moments that I loved at Jacqueline and Darrell’s wedding! Her father seeing her for the first time and trying to keep it together. Sisters getting ready for the big wedding day next to their childhood photos. Darrell’s dad snapping photos on his phone all day long, so that he could send them to family members in California who were unable to attend. Children dancing the night away. An entire section of the reception space filled with cousins of the bride. Mom’s and Dad’s gathering their brothers and sisters for a once-a-year family photo. The list goes on an on!

Vibrant Style:

Deep reds, winter purples, furs, Louboutin heels, ornaments as a guestbook, and lots of chandeliers!

Our Favorite Photo:

We had planned to do photos at the Carnegie Mellon Institute stairs and the Omni William Penn Hotel. We got to both, but on the way to the hotel I spotted lines of lit trees on the city streets. I asked if Jacqueline and Darrell would be up to go for a little walk out there and they were more than game for it! As we crossed the icy street, I went first and captured an image of the two of them crossing the night street with Jacqueline’s long-sleeved dress and red shoes. It’s a favorite wedding photo for sure!

Wedding Venue:

St. Paul Cathedral and the LeMont Restaurant

Wedding Team:

Jason Kendall Productions, Oakmont Bakery, One Enchanted Evening, Z Florist

Thank you:

Your wedding was a dream come true! Oh my goodness, I loved every single moment. My dream winter wedding <3 You are both so incredibly smart and driven – I’m sure the world holds incredible opportunity for you both individually, and now as a team it’ll be even that much greater! :-*

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St. Paul Cathedral Pittsburgh Weddings

St. Paul Cathedral is one of the most beautiful places for a Catholic wedding ceremony in the city of Pittsburgh. The long aisle is perfect for a bride who really wants to enjoy the walk down the aisle, and the scenery inside of the cathedral is stunning on it’s own. As a wedding photographer, I find the area easy to move around, and the staff at the Cathedral is incredibly kind and accommodating. Although there are time restrictions for the cathedral use, I have always been able to photograph both the wedding ceremony and family formal photos at St. Paul Cathedral with no problem. Parking is available next to the Cathedral for wedding guests, and there are many nearby locations for wedding photos within walking distance. 

LeMont Restaurant Pittsburgh Weddings

The LeMont in the winter is simply….. Stunning. Absolutely stunning. The entire LeMont Restaurant is decorated in winter dazzle, and the city looks beautiful at every time of the year. Jacqueline and Darrell’s wedding reception at the LeMont Restaurant took place in the upper level room, where guests enjoyed both cocktail hour and a seated meal. The dance floor held the Jason Kendall band quite nicely, and the head table overlooked all of downtown Pittsburgh. For weddings at the LeMont, I would recommend carefully examining your guest list so as to not over crowd the space. There are two sets of stairs that lead to the lower level, and you’ll want to make sure everyone can get to the bar easily! 

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