2016 has been a year of a busy toddler, so my personal work is all of her! She learned to talk a LOT this year, has opinions of her own, potty trained, and moved into a big girl bed. All in the matter of a year. I suppose that gives validation to how they say kids “grow up so fast”. I’m home with her three days a week, and we keep busy between the parks, libraries (she loves going to new ones, and they all have different descriptive names), playing with friends, my MOPs group, and practicing on her scooter with the neighborhood kids. She also insists on letting me know that she is getting taller and not shorter. That she’s a big girl not a baby. And that one day she’ll be taller than me, or as she likes to say “bigger than mommy” (thanks, kid).

We got to pick flowers, vacation with family, spend time at the beach, trick-or-treat, and enjoy the lake house all in this crazy 2016 year. Here are my favorite photographs of her from January –> December 2016:

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