Phipps Conservatory and Vallozzi’s Wedding Photography

Favorite Family Moment:

Sometimes (most of the times) I meet my bride + groom’s families on the wedding days. When I entered the Broderie Room for Shawna and Jesse’s wedding ceremony, each of their families sat on separate sides of the room. I was unsure how well they knew each other and even …. if they got along. Everyone was so quiet! During the ceremony, all eyes were on the bride and groom, but afterwards was the telling moment. As soon as the ceremony ended, their moms got up to greet each other as if they’d been friends forever. Families all mingled and hugged, and it was a celebration that they’ve been waiting years to experience! These two families are like one BIG family! It was wonderful to see!

Vibrant Style:

Their ceremony and reception spaces were wonderful! I always love intimate weddings at Phipps Conservatory, and the Broderie Room was a natural back drop. This was the first time I’ve photographed a ceremony in the “other direction” and I loved the space just as much! Dinner at Vallozzi’s in their event room was beautiful, draped in flowers, delicious Italian food, and wine bottles.

Our Favorite Photo:

I knew that Shawna and Jesse really wanted images outside of Phipps Conservatory, and so we were lucky to have such beautiful weather! My favorite wedding image is the photo of them in front of the Phipps sign, smiling while the sun shines down on them.

Wedding Venue:

Phipps Conservatory Broderie Room, Vallozzi’s Restaurant

Wedding Team:

MB Bride, Mt. Lebanon Floral

Thank you:

You’ve trusted me so much since the minute you contacted me! Your mom appreciated my attention to detail, and you ALL made me feel so welcome. Thank you a TON!

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