Sewickley Engagement Pictures


Meeting Megan and Bob was wonderful – it’s clear that they love each other very much and are excited for the wedding next year in Ohio! I loved talking with them about their whirlwind love story. They started dating this January, and are already engaged! To some, that may seem “fast”, but when you know – you KNOW. Brad and I were the same way, and so I love meeting other couples who are so decisive on wanting to get married right away!


Autumn light and Way Park in Sewickley provided the perfect backdrop for their fall engagement pictures.


I was telling Megan how I was looking for that “halo of light” as we worked together, and so my favorite photo is simple and bright – them standing under the big Sewickley trees surrounded by beautiful light!


Thank you for following along with my work and I’m excited to see your wedding photos next year! Your venue sounds awesome!

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