Phipps Conservatory Wedding Photographer

Favorite Family Moment:

The best family moments on their day took place on the dance floor! I was once again reminded of my own two left feet as Eileen and Jonathan’s family members took to the floor to celebrate the happy couple by cutting loose with some pretty impressive moves! A wedding is a celebration and that’s precisely what this family gathered to do. Cousins, siblings, parents, grandparents… they all found their way to the floor to have a ridiculous amount of fun – together! Sure, there were sweet family moments like Eileen’s father beaming with pride as he walked toward her for the first time that day, and the way that they incorporated so many loved ones into their Filipino inspired ceremony… but what happened on their dance floor did it for me! This family will never run out of love or good times.

Vibrant Style:

Eileen and Jonathan were all about keeping things simple with secret little pops of color! With the always beautiful Phipps as a back drop, her blue shoes and his tie-dye socks were just such a fit for their personalities!

Vibrant and beautiful and simple all at once. I loved it!

Our Favorite Photo:

I love the photos of Eileen’s bridesmaids helping her into her wedding dress and the smile filled moments that followed as they perfected her look that day. Eileen is a natural beauty and her smile lights up any room but on that day it took her best girls to complete her look.

Wedding Venue:

Phipps Conservatory

Wedding Team:

Green Sinner Floral, Kelli Burns Entertainment, MB Bride, Bella Christie’s, Pageboy Salon, Lendable Linens

Thank you:

I took notes on this wedding day. Notes from Eileen and Jonathan on how to be genuine and appreciative and thankful and… in love! These things radiate from them and to say that Lizzy and I were honored to document their love is a huge understatement. I’d close by saying that I wish they a lifetime of happiness but they don’t need wishes. For them, as long as they are together happiness follows. Thank you for allowing us to capture that emotion.

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