Mt. Washington Engagement Photos


As I walked into their home on Mt. Washington I was excited to meet Lindsay and Brent for the first time – they’ll be getting married next June and it was about time we get together and talk about their wedding plans! I stumbled up the basement stairs and into their kitchen to be greeted by the two of them, smiling, and ready to take their engagement photos. Then – I completely knocked over their cat’s water dish and spilled water everywhere. Way to go, Leeann, a wonderful first impression! They were gracious, though, and then introduced me to their two adorable kitties! After that I knew they’d be laid back and we would enjoy our time together. If I could make a fool out of myself in the first five minutes and they’re OK with it – we are good to go 😉


Beautiful autumn light. Scarves. Scenery that is just – INCREDIBLE. This photo location was simply gorgeous, and it seemed like everywhere we walked had something new and interesting. 


There is an image where Lindsay and Brent are standing next to some ivy with the shining sun behind them. Neither are looking at the camera, and they’re wrapped up in each other. Their smiles are so genuine, and you can tell they’re most relaxed when close to each other. 


Thank you for showing me around your neighborhood and working with me this autumn! See you again very soon! 

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