J Verno Studios Pittsburgh Wedding


Morgan is the oldest of three sisters and it’s clear that they’re really close with each other! Their dad was telling me (with a big, proud smile on his face!) all about where each of them attended school, and how his youngest daughter plays college soccer and got the day off from practice to attend her sister’s wedding. Throughout the day they were by each other’s side and wanted lots of photos together! They really made me wish I had two sisters to grow up with!

(I have an older brother who threw baseballs at my face. You know…)


Sparkle. Pink. Stunning makeup. Morgan and Jim held their wedding reception in the always chic J Verno Studios, and complimented the decor with pin lights, pink uplights, and a sparkling gold and pink cake!


The “getting ready” suite had some great window light to play with, and so I moved the sheers and curtains on the windows around to get the desired look that I was thinking in my mind’s eye. Morgan got into her dress with the help of her mom, and my favorite photo is of their moment together in front of that beautiful light. It’s contrasty, quiet, and meaningful. Following that moment, Morgan’s mom looked at her daughter as a “BRIDE” for the first time and burst into tears. It’s a gorgeous series of photographs that mean so much.


Heinz Chapel and Jay Verno Studios


Curly Willow Floral, Bridal Beginning, Tasty Bakery, Tease Salon, Kiss-and-Makeup, Bistro To Go, Modern Era – DJ Scottro, Mosaic Linens


Rain. Traffic. You partied through it all – congratulations to you both! You are the sweetest!

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