Hartwood Acres Engagement Pictures


These two met on Semester at Sea in Santorini. Hello! They met in Santorini. Could the beginning of their love story get any better?! I loved hearing about all of their travels together, and about how they’re now traveling together to North Carolina to live for a while. They’re excited about their new jobs, and although they’ll be planning their wedding from a distance now, they’re thrilled to be celebrating with their families and friends next year!


Fall boots, big-brimmed hats, plaid blankets, autumn light, Hartwood Acres – all a recipe for a perfect engagement photo session.


I love the photo of Elizabeth jumping on Jami’s back with the beautiful colors and autumn sunlight. They both have true, happy smiles!


If you met in Santorini, how could it get any better? I’m sure you’ll both show us how. Can’t wait to photograph your wedding next July! :-*

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