Heinz Chapel + Carnegie Museum Wedding Photography

Favorite Family Moment:

Both Sara and Trevor were raised with shining examples of what true love and a marriage should look like. It was clear to me that day, watching both sets of parents interact. It was also was brought up in speeches and talked about in casual conversations. Sara + Trevor need look no further than their parents for marriage inspiration. Their parents will ALWAYS be there for them and are so excited to one day welcome a little “hockey player” they can spoil together. It’s family first with this group and I love that about them all!

Vibrant Style:

Classic elegance all the way with Sara and Trevor… and everyone involved. Top to bottom, their day was timeless. Gold accents, a fabulous pair of shoes, custom suspenders… all on display in a ballroom that made guests jaws drop. Their wedding style was so, so good!

Our Favorite Photo:

Keeping the memory of a loved one alive on such an important day is so important. Sara’s dress had pockets and in one her grandmother’s pearls stayed… I snapped a photo of Sara holding them in her hands before we all left for the church and its my favorite from the day. In a beautiful way, her grandma was with her the entire time.

Wedding Venue:

Heinz Chapel and Carnegie Museum

Wedding Team:

Elite Showband, Gidas Florist, Benack Sound Production, Shutterbooth, Kate Spade

Thank you:

I walked away from this one feeling like I walked away from a family wedding of my own. Manny and I were treated so well and it was an honor to work for such caring, thoughtful, considerate, (FUN) people. To Sara, Trevor, Julie, Chef Michael, Donna, Jeffrey, Abby (my light model during bridal prep) – simply, thank you!

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