Hartwood Acres Anniversary Pictures

When I received an email from Julie , she explained that she had a “different” request. Their wedding was two years ago, but they were still unhappy about their wedding photography experience – boo! They asked me to re-take some of their wedding day couple’s photos, and then we used the rest of their session for an Anniversary Photoshoot.

On the day of our session together, they explained that they loved so many parts of their wedding – the food, the people, the party – but the wedding photography was less than stellar. Their photographer at one point even said to “stop emailing him”. What?! That is craziness in my book! I tried my very best to give them an incredible experience (as with every one of my couples!), and so we worked together on a beautiful September night to create images that make them happy to look through.

Thank you for trusting me with this wedding re-shoot, and happy anniversary as well!

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