Station Square Engagement Photos


Besides a few awkward moments (they know what I’m talking about! haha), we had an amazing session together, as you can tell be their expression, the color, and the beautiful light of the evening! My favorite moment with Andrew and Claire was when I noticed Claire’s engagement ring. It is truly unique – made of multiple bands that fit together like a puzzle. It’s incredible, and perfect for these two physics majors! We were geeking out over it a bit!


Andrew and Claire came dressed with style – Claire’s creative black dressed mixed with a bright red lip. They even brought a bottle of champagne to end the evening, and it all worked so well together. Their engagement gallery is a stunning mix of vibrant color, crisp fall light, and heartfelt joy.


I love the photo of Andrew and Claire in front of the simple, contrasting greenery. It works beautifully with Claire’s fair skin and bold lip!


Next September? Renaissance stairs? See you there?   🙂

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