Roberto Clemente Bridge and Gateway Center Engagement Pictures


Favorite Moment:

Jacqueline and Darrell will be married soon – in December! I was so glad when they choose to do an engagement session with me, because it’s such a good time to get to know each other. I learned all about how they met even though they grew up on opposite sides of the country – Pittsburgh and SoCal! They were both swimmers at Emory University, and their relationship grew slowly and steadily into the love that they share today. Spending my Sunday morning with them was a treat – and we shared some coffee too!

Vibrant Style:

We’re not sure if there will be time to get to the famous Pittsburgh bridges (Roberto Clemente, Andy Warhol, and 9th street yellow bridges) on the wedding day, so we were sure to incorporate them into the scenery! A classic Pittsburgh touch.

Our Favorite Engagement Photo:

The light in Downtown Pittsburgh during the morning is much different than the light I am used to photographing in the evenings, when weddings will take me to the area for bride and groom photos. We met early in the morning, and so it was great to “see” the city from a different perspective. We found some wonderful little patches of light on parking garage rooftops and in Gateway Center. My favorite photo is simple – the two of them wrapped up in each other and some beautiful morning light.

Thank you:

Your wedding at the LeMont will be here soon! See you …. soon! 🙂 Thanks for traveling in and spending your Sunday morning with me. Is Darrell drinking coffee yet? I have my bet on it too.

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