Omni Hotel William Penn Ballroom Wedding

Favorite Family Moment:

Sarah’s dad burst through the double doors to the bridal suite with the best smile on his face after laying eyes on his baby girl for the first time. His reaction was priceless… made even more special because his other girls (Sarah’s bridesmaids and lifelong friends who he watched grow up before his eyes) were all standing by to soak in his reaction! So sweet!

Vibrant Style:

Gold and navy detail at the classic Omni William Penn… What a perfect combination!! Just the right amount of sparkle, to match their glowing personalities!

Our Favorite Photo:

Brian surprised Sarah with 9 dozen roses the morning of the wedding… Symbolic of the nine years together that led them to this perfect day. That love is on display in ALL of the images when the bride and groom lock eyes, smile, and block out the rest of the world. No picking just one favorite photo when so many of them show off the fun that these two have together.

Wedding Venue:

Omni William Penn Hotel – William Penn Ballroom

Wedding Team:

Hello Productions, Bella Christie’s, Bridal Beginning, Allison McGeary, Modern Era DJ, Mosaic Linens, Molly’s Trolleys

Thank you:

The genuine love that filled their day was felt by anyone who came in contact with the newlyweds. Their happiness was contagious. It was our absolute pleasure to work with such a wonderfully fun group of people.

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