Carnegie Museum of Art Wedding


Favorite Family Moment:

There’s a single photo in their gallery that captures everything wonderful about their families. It’s a small moment when Karin’s nephew went over to see her during dinner. It happened *so fast*, I saw it and then it was gone in the blink of an eye. He approached her while she was in conversation with someone else, smiled up at her, and she grabbed him close, leaned over, and kissed him on the forehead. His smile was ear-to-ear. That is everything this family is about – true, honest, love. Both Karin and Mike’s families are the kind of people who would do anything for each other, and the kind of people who take even small, simple moments to show how much they care.


Vibrant Wedding Style:

Karin and Mike put lots of time into planning their wedding, even asking me via text what the perfect light colors in the Carnegie Museum Music Hall would be (and we got it right – the blue/purple looked fantastic!). They are friends with April at Vanilla Pastry Studio, and so they gave her some free-reign to design the perfect gold and purple wedding cake! Blumengarten included their love of food into the flowers, with cabbage, rosemary, and lavender, and guests even got to take home their own “Party Animal” place cards!


Our Favorite Wedding Photo:

I arrived a little early on their wedding afternoon, and so I was able to rearrange the Founder’s Room at the museum just a bit in order to get the light exactly how I wanted. I’m in love with the images of Karin getting ready there, because the light is interesting, contrasty, and rich. Exactly how photos from the luxurious Carnegie Museum should be!


Pittsburgh Wedding Venues:

Carnegie Museum of Art – Hall of Sculpture and Music Foyer


Pittsburgh Wedding Team:

Vanilla Pastry Studio, Elite Showband, Blumengarten Florist, Bridal Beginning, Lendable Linens, Lighting by Benack Sound Productions


Thank you:

Thank you, friends, for incorporating me into your wedding day team! It’s been a dream working with you! You are incredibly kind-hearted, and it’s wonderful to work with friends like you! xo

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