Armstrong Farms Westminster Preserve Wedding


Favorite Family Moment:

Nicole prepared for her wedding day in the farm house on Westminster Preserve at Armstrong Farms. The home was filled with her bridesmaids, her mom, her dad and stepmom, and Alex’s mom. There were a lot of people there, but they were all excited to see Nicole get ready and into her wedding dress! Once her mother helped her to fix the beads on her shoulder, it was time to put on her jewelry. That’s when her dad stepped in an helped to fasten her necklace. This was my favorite family moment, because it’s not that often that I see fathers helping with the “getting ready” portion of their daughter’s day. Usually they come in after the bride is dressed, so it was sweet to see the smile on her dad’s face as he helped with this seemingly small part of the day.


Vibrant Wedding Style:

Sunflowers! Blue! Farm dancing! Cookies! A cake that looks like wood! Nicole and Alex’s Armstrong Farms wedding was everything sunny and summer. Some great contrast with the yellows and blues, and a nice “woodsy” feel with the custom cake and nods to their love of fishing.


Our Favorite Wedding Photo:

My favorite photo is the one of Nicole and her mom working on her wedding dress in the oval mirror. Note that the getting ready room had red sheers on the windows, and some bridesmaids bags on the floor and bed. I always look for pretty light, and then a way to simplify the image. In order to add some interest and also cut out some of the background distractions, I noticed this mirror on the wall. Turned out to be one of my favorite photos from the day, because it seems like you’re a bystander in the room without them noticing. It’s a beautiful moment between mother and daughter.


Pittsburgh Wedding Venues:

Westminster Preserve at Armstrong Farms, Saxonburg PA


Pittsburgh Wedding Team:

Armstrong Farms, Have Smoke Will Travel, DJ Travis Chickness, Philip Pelusi, Breitingers Flowers


Thank you:

Thank you for having me with you on your beautiful August wedding day at Armstrong Farms! You have both been so happy to work with, and you make my job easy. And really, Alex, I think you have a rap career in your future. Nicole will support you no matter what! 🙂

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