Omni Bedford Springs Wedding


Favorite Family Moment:

Before the ceremony ended, Kim and Mark invited all of the 6 children in their blended family to come to the front of the ceremony space for a special family moment. On the dance floor, they also invited the children up to dance together as a big group. It was wonderful to see how they incorporate the children into their wedding day, and how much all of them are loved! Mark was dancing with his little ones all night long!


Vibrant Wedding Style:

The purple florals by Karrie Hlista Designs perfectly complimented Kim’s extravagant wedding dress and the light purple dresses on her bridesmaids. Keeping a classic elegance, the ballroom at the Omni Bedford Springs was complimented with tall orchid-filled centerpieces and hanging glass beads.


Our Favorite Wedding Photo:

There are so many images that I love from the gallery, but perhaps my favorite is of their son looking up at his mother during the ceremony. It simply makes me wonder if one of his first memories will be of mommy and daddy’s wedding day.


Pittsburgh Wedding Venues:

Omni Bedford Springs Resort


Pittsburgh Wedding Team:

Omni Bedford Springs Resort, Karrie Hlista Designs, Evermark Studios Videography


Thank you:

Thank you to Kim, Mark, and your friends and family for having us with you on such a special day! Your wedding was beautiful, and it was a pleasure to spend some time with you all in the hills of Pennsylvania.

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