Mingo Creek Engagement Photos


Favorite Family Moment:

Lena’s parents came along with us to take care of their dog, Brody, and so it was nice to meet them as well! At times, I felt like we were driving all around the park heading toward the beautiful light and backdrops, so I apologized to her dad for the craziness. He, however, was so kind – his wife also loves photography and so he does the same thing for her 🙂 Good guy. Thanks!

Vibrant Style:

For Lena and Joey’s engagement photos, it was all about beautiful light and gorgeous color. These two were perfect at posing, and so it seemed like all I needed to do was put them in great light and the rest was magic. As for that sunflower field…. that was a lucky find as I was driving to meet with them, and so we headed back there to end the night. Pretty magical!

Our Favorite Engagement Photo:

  There are so many from this session that I love simply because the light that day was gorgeous (after all of the rain we had that afternoon!), but you can’t beat the images from the sunflower fields. There were so many bees by the flowers, but the two of them were good sports about everything!

Thank you:

Thank you for coming up to Mingo Creek Park to meet me for your engagement pictures! I’m looking forward to working with you next year at Nemacolin, and hope you love your engagement gallery!
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