Mellon Park Engagement Pictures


Favorite Moment:

First – I have to let you know that Katie is also a professional photographer in our area, and so when she asked me to photograph her wedding it was an honor! It’s so exciting when other photographers want to work together – the truest form of flattery. <3 Being that she’s a photographer, Katie knows about light, and so when I asked her and Kevin to climb up onto a fountain at Mellon Park, and then…. wait until the light came out, they were so patient! We waited for a few minutes for the sun to come back out from behind the clouds and continued to photograph, but I think it’s funny that it’s totally normal to do something like that when you’re a photographer!

Vibrant Style:

Katie and Kevin were a dream to photograph. Their posing was so on-point, I didn’t really have to do much! Katie’s makeup also looked fantastic, and we kept it simple and classic with the backgrounds of Mellon Park and Schenley Park.

Our Favorite Engagement Photo:

I’ve been working a lot recently on my lighting and “seeing” things a bit differently, and so when I noticed the contrast and light in an archway of Mellon Park I was instantly drawn to it. My favorite photograph is of them in this light, since it’s both gorgeous light and interesting composition and contrast. Look at that – I’m talking all technical in today’s blog post!

Thank you:

I can’t wait to work with you both again next year at Hidden Valley! Thank you for trusting me as your wedding photographer – you are the best!

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