Barn at Fallingwater Wedding Pictures


Favorite Family Moment:

Megan and Steven met at engineering school in Oklahoma, and so tons of their friends from college traveled out to Pennsylvania for their wedding at the Barn at Fallingwater. The coolest part about this? Their friends are like a huge second family to them, and everyone was at a ‘destination wedding’. To me, Ohiopyle seems like an everyday place, but for their friends the hills of PA were something new. It was fun to see them experience Ohiopyle as guests, go rafting in the middle of the day, and end the night with beers and big hugs for the newlyweds. (And since I’m an engineering grad, too, I felt right at home with all of them – thank you guys for the conversation and cooperation!)


Vibrant Wedding Style:

Megan and Steven were HEAVY on the details, so every little thing was a sight to see! They put an incredible amount of time and energy into their wedding style, as you’ll see by all of the gorgeous handmade details in the post below. There were tied ribbons on all of the stair rails, sunflower cupcakes, a s’mores bar, a popcorn bar, bug repellent and sunscreen provided for everyone (super smart!), and even a little wagon wit succulents for everyone to take home. A true Pinterest bride’s dream!


Our Favorite Wedding Photo:

My favorite photo from their Barn at Fallingwater wedding is probably the photo of Steven’s little niece resting on her uncle’s shoulder. The kids at the wedding were so adorable, and her big brown eyes and expression are just priceless.


Pittsburgh Wedding Venues:

The Barn at Fallingwater


Pittsburgh Wedding Team:

The Barn at Fallingwater, Stone House Inn, Prantl’s Bakery, Blossoms by Jillian, DJ Tooth, Monica Kitta, Beauty by Joy, Reverend Mark DiNuzzio, Whitewater Adventures


Thank you:

Thank you for the fun, creative spin on your wedding day! It was so fun to be a part of your creative take on a wedding, and every piece of it was fantastic! Congratulations!!

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