Full confession time: I don’t just take wedding photos to pay the bills. Sure, this work certainly accomplishes that task, but for me, my job goes beyond using tech skills to get the lighting and angles just right for a great photo. Wedding Photography is my passion.

Honestly, I think any professional photographer worth her salt should be able to tell you without hesitation why she chose her line of work. Knowing why your photographer does her job in the first place is so, so important to getting the kind of photos that perfectly represent your wedding day!

You want to work with someone who at their very core believes and values the same things that you do. I believe in family. I believe in moments. I believe that they are all that we have left when the long days have past and we want to remember the good, bad, happy, and wonderful moments of the life we live. In my opinion, photographing your wedding because we get it – what the wedding day means – is what’s going to get you the photos you want.Question-Wedding-Photographer-Should-Know-Leeann-Marie-photography-WEB_0005

I can’t speak for every photographer, but I can tell you why I do what I do. For me, this is all about family. The love of families and friends, and generations coming together to share what they have to build a new future. I know, I know, this is big stuff – but it’s true.


For me, being a wedding photographer is all about capturing the incredible family moments.


Why I do what I do has become even more clear to me since having my daughter. I’m now that person who loses it whenever she hears “I Loved Her First”. Having my own family has really made me see my job as a photographer with a new vision.


My journey through life has shaped how I see those little (and big!) moments at the wedding: …The moment where detail-oriented mom adjusts the veil so it finally sits just right… When tough-guy dad’s eyes well up during the father-daughter dance. …When the goofy brother is so proud of his sister that his hug nearly destroys 2 hours worth of hair and makeup work.

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This work is about love, laughter, forgiveness, and family stories. It’s about those small moments and big moments. It’s about celebrating an amazing day and being able to capture that for a lifetime. THAT is why I do what I do.


If you find on your search a photographer who can’t answer why they do what they do is so important to them on an emotional level, well then my advice is that you find the one who can!

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