Today I’m going to show you how your wedding album is put together! This is so exciting, because I’m kind of a nerd for all of the machinery and factory kind of stuff. It’s just so interesting how it all works!

I visited the KISS Books facility in Indianapolis not long ago – WAIT! BREAK! – you read that right! These books are all made in the USA, which is just one of many reasons that I love this company. The assembly process is very interesting, and all of the books are handmade by a group of people who just love what they do. They even have group lunches together often! That’s camaraderie at it’s finest.

Ok – let’s get on to the books. The first thing that happens is that the image designs are printed on true photographic, high quality paper. These prints are folded in half precisely (you can see me attempting work the machine that folds them…and I’m not fat, I’m just pregnant!), so that they’re perfect in the album.
KISS Books prints
KISS Wedding Books Printing
Next, a thickening board is added between the prints, and they’re all glued together. Again, this has to be super-precise so that your album doesn’t look all wonky! Jody Gray says “Go, machine! Make me an album!”
KISS Books Assembly Factory
Another thing that I LOVE about KISS Books? Their albums are made with true, lovely leathers. They have the colored hides hanging in the facility, and the leathers for your albums are all cut directly from these. On top of that, the leathers are then fitted by an ACTUAL PERSON around your album cover. That’s lots of love going into your book!
KISS Books leather
KISS Books plant
Some of the albums may have engraving on them, which is done by a machine to the exact font and placement that was submitted.
How are KISS Books made
Lastly, the album cover is glued to the album pages and assembled and inspected. Again, done by a real person. They’re all so great, and really knowledgeable about their jobs and the books!
KISS Wedding Books Assembly
The album then gets packaged up and shipped to me, where it’s Ohh-ed and Ahh-ed, photographed, and sent on to your living room! KISS Books are not the least expensive books on the block, but the quality and craftsman ship is apparent, and even more after seeing the entire process in person. They are made to last a lifetime, and I love it!

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