Lacey and Brian are polar opposites! Brian is a hunter and farmer and Lacey is a girly girl that likes to shop and get manis. THIS is exactly why we love them! So much of what we love centers around the country boy/city girl relationship. We think it’s just the best! In fact, what we love about Pittsburgh is the same thing that’s special about this type of relationship! Two seemingly opposite people (country/city) live right in our hometown. It’s absolutely the best, best, best!

Although there isn’t a lot of “alone” time for Lacey and Brian (especially when farming picks up), they love to have dinner dates and go to the movies, Pirates games, and cuddle. The simplicity in life is what makes them truly happy – soaking in the little moments together without needing anything fancy to be happy.

Lacey and Brian were married at Shady Elms Farm in Hickory, PA. Their wedding ceremony took place outside under the arbor tree, with a beautiful changelier hanging behind them. Their wedding reception at Shady Elms took place under a covered tent, with dancing in the barn. DJ Andy Booth (woot!!) kept the party going all night long until we were greeted with fireworks over the hillside of the farm and a sparkler exit for the newly married couple.

I loved EVERYTHING about working at Shady Elms Farm. I can’t say enough how organized, professional, and well-decorated their entire facility was. Being that the farm is not farm from my home, I’d LOVE to work here more often! It’s a beautiful farm wedding venue here in the Pittsburgh area, and I hope the photos truly show how the day’s magic!

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