Truth: Wedding planning can seem like forever.

Truth: The wedding industry tells you that the excitement should be at full effect every single day of your engagement.

Truth: Sometimes you just may feel overwhelmed, or… ready to just elope and forget about all of the hoopla.

Let’s face it, planning a wedding can be done in the matter of weeks if truly necessary. Sure, you may not be able to lock down all of the venues and vendors that you dream about, and decisions may seem too quick to make, but it really could be done in a few weeks if you’d like to! So when you have months and months to plan a wedding, sometimes it may seem like a loooonnngggg time. And it is!

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I recently talked with a good friend who is a 2014 bride, and she was starting to feel down and out about the wedding planning process. She wasn’t sure why she was planning a wedding, when she wasn’t feeling all that excited about it lately. It just seemed like a point of stress, and she was second-guessing her decisions.. and the decision to even HAVE a big wedding.

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And really, rest assured that this is TOTALLY NORMAL. As a bride, you’re bombarded with exciting posts, and blogs, and magazines, and questions from friends – all hoping to keep you excited (and hoping that you’ll end up buying more, right?!). And, in truth, this excitement can seem like a tall order. There will be times that, yes – of course you’re excited deep down inside, but maybe you just don’t want to talk wedding any more. Or you want to take a break. Or it just seems easier to run off to Vegas and ignore everyone’s opinions.

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The best advice we can offer in these times is to relax. Go and do some yoga. Do something besides wedding planning and playing on Pinterest. Remember that there was life before wedding, and there will be life after it. It’s OK to not be excited to talk wedding today, and it’s OK to acknowledge that you’re feeling stressed about the entire process. The “perfect bride” does not have to be excited 24/7. Just be you. Be happy. You’ll love the wedding day when it arrives – but we also promise that you’ll love marriage even more.


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