To say that working with Angela and Rob was a pleasure is an absolute understatement. They were pure joy to work with, and I am so glad that I got to be a part of their wedding day! From the moment we started communicating back and forth about the idea of me photographing their wedding, I could tell that Angela was a total sweetheart, and once we met with them for sushi – I was sold. This was the perfect couple for me!

Their wedding took place on a beautiful September day, where the weather was not too hot, and not too cold – just the way we all enjoy these early fall days. Typically, the girls and guys prepare in different locations, and the day is a bit more easy-going in the morning before the ceremony, but Angela and Rob brought in part of their heritage and held a Serbian SKUP prior to the ceremony. What is that? It’s a party where all of the girls, guys, and family members are at the same home. There was a big tent with a traditional band playing, and everyone was able to eat and drink and congregate. The girls still prepared indoors (hidden from the guys), and when Angela was finally ready, the groomsmen had to “barter for the bride” with her father. When her dad was finally happy with the offer, Angela was presented to everyone to see how beautiful she looked! (Rob was gone by this point)

The rest of their day was nothing short of a celebration, and it was wonderful to spend time with them taking beautiful photographs, running in to some past brides + grooms, and dancing the night away to the best band ever – Velveeta!


Got to love those custom hangers!

Some final touches…pittsburgh-bride-earrings

Angela’s father presenting her to the party!serbian-skup-wedding

And then giving her away to the groom in the church.father-giving-bride-away-to-groom

A traditional Greek Orthodox wedding ceremony.wedding-ceremony-greek-orthodox-crowns

Wearing their crowns, and circling the altar three times:greek-orthodox-wedding-ceremony

And let the party begin!greek-orthodox-wedding-photography-pittsburgh

All of the girls looked lovely in purple, with different colored accents.colorful-bridesmaids-pittsburgh-purple

We photographed Angela and Rob in the Oakmont area, where it’s always so pretty and lush:oakmont-pittsburgh-wedding-photographer

Starting to see that fall color!oakmont-weddings

I have a thing for weeping willow trees…riverside-landing-weddings

Introduced to some Renegade!pittsburgh-bride-groom-terrible-towel

A lovely first dance…greek-orthodox-social-hall-pittsburgh

And also a dance with her father:bride-father-dance

And Velveeta played the night away!velveeta-pittsburgh-band


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