Anna and Kevin were all set to be married in August.

Of 2012.

And then Kevin found out that he was going to be deployed, and wedding plans were placed on hold. They continued their relationship with the help of Skype, lots of love from friends and family, and knowing that once 2013 came they could finally tie the knot.

It’s been a pleasure to know and work with Anna and Kevin these past two years, and it was a beautiful day when they finally were able to say “I Do” to each other. Their wedding was held at Armstrong Farms (love Kathy there!!), and it was a heck. of. a. dance. party. thanks to the awesome Jeremy Ganss!!

Congratulations to such a wonderful couple, and thank you for brining me along on this journey with you!


Kevin getting some uniform assistance.pittsburgh-army-wedding

Look at those dapper blues!military-weddings-pittsburgh

With his bride approaching, he was all smiles.pittsburgh-wedding-photography

Checking out her dress for their first look:armstrong-farms-first-look

The lovely bridesmaids! Meet Sara (far right), who is a Collective 2014 bride! 🙂yellow-gray-bridesmaids

These Army guys crack me up! I think this was the “Don’t mess it up” warning.funny-army-wedding-pictures

Since they had a first look, we were able to do all of their bride and groom photos prior to the wedding ceremony.

This is TOTALLY THEM. Adorable!beautiful-candid-pittsburgh-wedding-photography

There are so many places for photos at Armstrong Farms – love it there.armstrong-farms-wedding-photographers

The wedding ceremony was on the back lawn of the Fieldstone Barn at Armstrong Farms, and was officiated by a long-time family friend. outdoor-wedding-ceremony-pittsburgh

Looking pretty radiant, Anna.armstrong-farms-outdoor-wedding-ceremony

Welcome to the Army, ma’am.army-wedding-pittsburgh

A first dance inside of the Fieldstone Barn, surrounded by lots of yellow details:pittsburgh-romantic-wedding-photographer

Got to love wedding cupcakes!fieldstone-armstrong-farms-wedding

Time to dance! This was seriously one of the best dance parties I’ve been to all year, and I give a lot of the credit to Jeremy Ganss for making that happen!jeremy-ganss-armstrong-farms-weddings

Time to limbo using glow necklaces. Of course.armstrong-farms-dance-party

This photo just cracks me up!jeremy-ganss-wedding-dj-party-photo


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