wedding photographers who have worked at chestnut ridge

Marybeth and Michael are so incredibly sweet. Such nice, nice people, and every single person at their wedding was exactly the same way. It was an absolutely pleasure to work with them, and so fun to experience their hometown wedding (after their city engagement session!).

They were married in Latrobe (which I never realized was more than just a football field), and their reception was at the always wonderful Chestnut Ridge Golf Course in Blairsville. We always love working there.

The day started off really rainy, so I started brainstorming ideas for where to photograph them inside of Chestnut Ridge (there are actually lots of options there!), but as the time passed the weather cleared. Finally, when we were in our golf carts heading back to the reception from taking photos, the sky became this beautiful watercolor canvas, and we were able to get the most beautiful, graceful, and regal wedding photos on the golf course! Love!


latrobe wedding photographer

Michael gave each of the guys their own monacle – which was hilarious!latrobe pa wedding photographer

Photo by Loren:weddings in latrobe pennsylvania

A quick moment during the ceremony:wedding ceremony latrobe

Look at this beautiful church!beautiful catholic church in latrobe pa

Vows. Marybeth’s grandfather is the officiating priest!wedding photographer

Look how happy they are!candid wedding photography pittsburgh

Loved the color of the bridesmaids dresses, and their jewelry too!
candid wedding pictures bridesmaids

Gorgeous Marybeth – makeup by Lisa from Kiss and Makeup!beautiful wedding pictures pittsburgh

This just reminds me of the English countryside:chestnut ridge wedding photographers

I had to practically crawl into the stream for this photo. Was hoping I wouldn’t have to say goodbye to any equipment as a result…weddings at chestnut ridge

Again, regal. Beautiful.beautiful wedding pictures chestnut ridge

Love how sweet they are!chestnut ridge golf course

We really loved the pale watercolors, and Marybeth’s flowers complimented the style beautifully:weddings at chestnut ridge pa

A quick kiss before returning to the reception:beautiful wedding photography

Husband and wife!wedding reception chestnut ridge

A first dance, taking advantage of the DJ’s colored lights:first dance at chestnut ridge golf course

After their dance together, Marybeth’s father gifted her with a handkerchief. the leeann marie collective wedding photographers

Grandparents. They have been married for over 50 years. This is pure love!!sentimental grandparents wedding picture

Time for the dollar dance!leeann marie wedding photographer

Wave those napkins!chestnut ridge wedding photographer


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