WHEN IN ROME, he says. We’ve been making our way through Tennessee together, and I think what he really meant to say was WHEN IN TENNESSEE. We’ve been traveling together for over a week, and it’s like a little vacation/work date for us. He goes to work at some of the distribution centers he is working with, and I go to work in my hotel room or by the pool. I’ll never deny that working for myself is anything but a blessing, since I can travel with him if needed. But apparently when we travel together we travel like a group of raving mad Italian tourists, eating our way through every city we visit.

There was The Smiling Elephant pad thai in Nashville…

And Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream (perhaps the best ice cream we’ve ever had!)

Pharmacy Burger in East Nasty, where we could sit outdoors on the back patio by picnic tables.

And the famous Pancake Pantry, where you can enjoy sweet potato pancakes that taste like Thanksgiving.

In Memphis, there are lots of delicious BBQ places, and we ate our fair share. Actually, we ate your fair share too.

Really, though, even if we eat our way through each of these cities and gain an extra 5-10 to bring back on the plane…. it’s worth it. I couldn’t ask for more than to be able to share my day to day with this guy. He’s my favorite and I just love him so much. I ask him to wear the mohawk and he does. I ask him to close the blinds in the hotel room when it’s too sunny and I want to sleep in… and he does. And I don’t even have to ask him to make me smile every day…. he just does.

All photos taken on my iPhone 5 and edited with the Snapseed app. 

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