I was asked recently what the difference was between DVDs, USB thumb drives, and digital downloads. Was there one that was better, and why do different photographers offer different forms of digital files? The answer is that one is not necessarily better than the other – they’re all just mediums to deliver digital images to clients. However, the simple fact that there are three different delivery methods should be a sign: digital formats change, quickly, over time! Remember the days of tapes, VHS, and floppy drives? Gone! Unless you’ve gone through the process to transfer files from these formats, whatever lies on them may be lost forever (or costly to transfer).

I offer digital files in all of my packages, because I understand that we all want to share our images online, and maybe print off a few of them on our own. I also offer album credit in each of my packages – because an album is your wedding heirloom. This is the one product from your wedding day that will tell your story for years and years to come. Books have been around for centuries, and the world understands them. They’re generational, and they’re interactive.

I think that this point really came to sight at Erin and Tim’s wedding, where they had their parent’s wedding albums available to look through! How amazing is that! Imagine you’re at your daughter’s wedding, and guests can see the story of how the family was started. That’s amazing!

If you’re considering a package with only digital files, I would strongly urge you to consider adding an album. If your wedding has passed and you don’t yet have an album, consider contacting your photographer again to create one. You’ll be happy you did!
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