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Summer and Brian grew up just down the street from each other, but had no idea. It’s almost like they were meant to be, but just had to meet when the time was right. When they did meet, they were living together in Richmond, VA – and have been on a whirlwind of a romance ever since.

Melissa and I were sad to leave on the day of their wedding, but as we walked back to our cars, we kept going on and on about her perfect Summer and Brian were together. Theirs is a love that is unique, and so, so true. They just beam when they are together, and we cannot wait to see what their life together will bring.

It was an absolute pleasure being a part of their wedding day, and we are really excited to share with you some of their photos – it’s been difficult narrowing it down! You’ll see why…groom getting ready pictures

Summer got a little help from her bridesmaids:getting ready bride hair

Excited to be in her dress!bridal preparations photography

Her Granddad is just the cutest guy ever. Look at the way he’s so, so happy with Summer!wedding grandfather adorable bride

Summer and Brian opted to have a private first look, and it’s wonderful to watch from behing the lens as they saw each other for the first time. Brian was thrilled to see his bride:first look picture groom reaction pittsburgh

Ready to go get married!weddings at destiny hill

Their wedding was held at Destiny Hill Farm, which is owned by Summer’s aunt and uncle. We truly felt at home there all day, and it was a stunning backdrop all day long. The barns, fields, and sky was like none other!blue bridesmaids laughing candid picture

We have a thing for cute kids – photo by Melissa!adorable kids wedding picture

Brian watching as Summer came to the end of the grassy aisle…

wedding ceremony destiny hill outdoors

…and she smiled from ear to ear as she walked towards her husband-to-be.
wedding ceremony outside pittsburgh

This scenery. Magnificent. Someone was looking down on them all day long – it was surreal.destiny hill farm wedding ceremony

Newly married!
destiny hill farm weddings

We also had some wind all day, but we played with it!washington pa wedding photographer

*Swoon*wedding photography destiny hill farm

Destiny Hill is a lavender farm, but due to the long winter the lavender had yet to bloom. STILL – the fields were wonderful, and I loved the curving lines it created! The curving of the lavender goes as a cool contrast with the curving of Summer’s long cathedral veil!
destiny hill lavendar farm wedding pictures

Again, this scenery. This is why their blog post has so. many. pictures. Couldn’t pick!pittsburgh wedding photographer

Loved Summer’s makeup!beautiful pittsburgh wedding photography

This photo is a fluke, but I love it! candid photojournalistic wedding photographer pittsburgh

Snuggling close! IN FACT: We were going to head back to the reception before these photos were taken, but Summer specifically stepped in and said “Can we shoot some more photos? I just want to have some time alone and I like to kiss him!!” DONE!desinty hill wedding pictures

They’re pittsburgh wedding photographers

After taking the photo above, I swung around the back of the barn for this different take on the same pose.pittsburgh wedding photography

Thank you, wind. And Summer for being gorgeous. And Brian for being awesome and in love with this lady!black white wedding pictures beautiful

We also made sure to get a big, family picture in front of the barn! I think that’s frameable!large family picture destiny hill

Listening to speeches at the reception:wedding reception destiny hill

The barn was lit with strung lights and paper lanterns, and on the right they have a moment to just soak in the late afternoon sun in each other’s arms:weddings at destiny hill farm

A dance with her dad!father daughter dance wedding reception

And mother/son as well. How sweet is this?barn wedding reception locations pittsburgh

The family that stays together, parties together – and everyone was out on the dance floor!fun reception dancing pittsburgh photo

Katie and Dan (one of my couples from 2011) now have a little boy, and he’s super cute! Needless to say, I think Dan enjoys being a dad! 🙂fun candid wedding photographer pittsburgh

Destiny Hill sunset (over the neighborhood where they both grew up):destiny hill wedding photographer

As we were leaving, the party was still going into the late hours. Thank you so much for having us there!!destiny hill weddings

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