twentieth century club weddings

Kaitlin and Brandon are a match made in let’s-have-a-candy-bar-with-wax-lips-and-mustaches heaven. They’re a couple in love with their dog (Bernard), long weekend trips, pizza + wine nights, and keeping up with their favorite (trashy) TV shows. They’re meant to be, and their wedding sealed the deal.

They were blessed with an absolutely beautiful May Saturday for their wedding, and were surrounded by friends and lots and lots of family. In fact, Kaitlin comes from a family of 6 siblings – 5 of them girls! You know what that means? Lots of good dresses and necklaces to go around. Their families were wonderful to work with, and their party was a blast. In addition to the beautiful Twentieth Century Club venue, they also had Jeff Jimmerson’s band playing! Talk about a Pens fan dream! 🙂

Brandon had a custom suit, complete with embroidered shirt and watch:
custom suit watch groom

Kaitlin after she read Brandon’s note to her:

candid wedding photography pittsburgh

Sisterly duties!

pittsburgh wedding photographers

Loved how the girls were rockin’ their button down shirts before the ceremony!

button down shirts bridesmaids

A beautiful walk down the aisle…

wexford wedding photographers

During the ceremony at St John Neumann church:

candid wedding photographer pittsburgh

Sign of Peace – Kaitlin forgot to leave her parents with their flower. A cute moment between father and daughter:

photojournalist wedding photographer pittsburgh

Love the look immediately after couples are announced to the congregation!

wedding in wexford pittsburgh

Tell me these girls aren’t beautiful?! See! You can’t. They were all lovely.

gray pink bridesmaids pittsburgh

Ah the guys and their special socks… 🙂

funny pittsburgh wedding photographers

The beautiful couple!

pitt campus wedding photos may

I love the timeless look of the Twentieth Century Club – it is a beautiful place, and Kaitlin and Brandon fit in perfectly!

weddings at the twentieth century club pittsburgh pa

Loren and I couldn’t stop swooning over the chandeliers!

creative twentieth century club vintage weddings

A toast to his Mrs.

twentieth century club wedding photographer

A wonderfully lit first dance in the second floor hall:

twentieth century club wedding ballroom dance hall

The dance hall – simply to die for. I want to photograph a million more weddings there.

twentieth century club dance hall weddings

Some parent dances!

parent dances twentieth century club

The garter application that took AGES. 😉

wedding at twentieth century club

I couldn’t get over these wax lips. I have a photo of Loren and I with them too, but it’s just took obsurd to post, so instead I’ll post the beautiful Emilie:

fun wedding photographers in pittsburgh

Dancing together and real moments:

creative wedding photographer pittsburgh


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