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When I first received the images of their wedding day from Loren, I started to upload them and was instantly (and I mean that fully) stunned by how beautiful Thea was on her wedding day. Just absolutely dazzling. Everything about Thea and Adam’s wedding was lovely – the lace touches, the city skyline, the weather, and the fact that they celebrated at their dear Duquesne University.

Their day was one of smiles, good friends, lots of dancing, and lots of laughter – and we are thrilled to have been a part of it!

Loren and Melissa photographed their wedding, and they did a simply beautiful job. I couldn’t be more proud of The Collective! Here is Thea + Adam’s wedding day story:

photojournalist wedding photographers pittsburgh adorable!

creative bridesmaid photos pittsburgh

A very sweet mother/daughter moment. Thea is her only little girl.

duquesne university wedding photographers

And helping her into the dress…

candid wedding photographers pittsburgh

We love photographing weddings at the Duquesne University Chapel – it’s a beautiful church, and we’re very familiar with it!

duquesne chapel weddings

A candid moment during the ceremony:

weddings at the duquesne university chapel

Wedding ring issues (from two angles):

weddings at the duquesne chapel pittsburgh

The day was beautiful, and the little flower girls were oh-so-cute! (Something tells me Thea will be a great mom when the time comes)

weddings in pittsburgh photographers

A seriously gorgeous bride, and a pretty dapper groom too!

loren demarco weddings collective

Love all of the color from the day!

duquesne campus wedding pictures

Some photos on the Duquesne University bridge overlooking the South Side:

duquesne university weddings

A creative angle by Melissa:

duquense university wedding pictures

My favorite photo from their day! They look SOOOO cute here! Great photo by Loren:

thea meyers adam souply wedding

Greeting her guests!

duquesne power center wedding photographers

Let me take a brief moment to acknowledge Father McCool – who seriously is an awesome guy. I love every wedding I attend where he officiates. He is one McCool priest.

father mccool weddings

Mrs. Meyers: all of us here at The Collective simply adore you! If you’d like to adopt three more girls…

duquesne power center weddings

Thea and her dad:

duquesne power center wedding pictures

Can’t a man eat his dinner in peace, without a bridesmaid dance party?

weddings at the duquense power center funny

Adam and his dad on the dance floor!

funny pittsburgh wedding photographers

A beautiful city skyline to end a beautiful city wedding:

pittsburgh city wedding photographers best

And last, but not least, Loren and Thea! 🙂

loren demarco wedding photographer leeann marie collective

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