beaver river road wedding pictures

Working with Erin and Tim has been a dream. They have both trusted me fully throughout the wedding process, and I can’t tell you how much that means to me! Anytime I feel like I have complete freedom to do my ‘thang – it woks out so well!

Erin and Tim were married in the beautiful Beaver, PA – a town that I am in love with! It is absolutely beautiful and a little slice of true Americana. Erin and Tim live in a beautiful old home, and I just couldn’t get enough of it! I drove up to Beaver early on the wedding day (since there was a chance of rain) to scope out perfect locations for photos that were still close to the church. While driving around, I came across this one home that had just stunning landscaping – and I was smitten with it!

I’m not afraid to go knock on a door and ask to photograph wedding or engagement images on private property, and the owners were incredibly open to the idea. Thank you! And so, Erin and Tim had the perfect backdrop! (See above)

beaver pittsburgh wedding photos preparations

Erin’s wedding dress was a color called “cafe”, and it looked just beautiful on her!wedding preparations bride

They aso had a harpist play during their wedding ceremony, and the flower girls were enjoying a little private concert before everything began:beaver wedding photographer

From the view of the guests…beaver pa wedding photography

What happens when the flowers also create allergies. I still think it’s cute!funny flowergirls

Instead of rain, we had beautiful scenery and light!
wedding photographers in beaver pa

Are you falling in love with Beaver too? Their wedding photos are so pretty with this scenery!beaver river road wedding photographs

There was also a little barn in the area where we photographed some of their images.beaver wedding photographs

Last one, and then I’m done! 🙂
river road beaver wedding pictures

Oh grooms.. always messing with the cake knives…airport marriott wedding photography

I love how Tim looks like this is just totally normal and expected.pittsburgh airport mariott wedding photographers

But he’s a happy groom, that’s for sure! airport marriott wedding pictures

Get those kids off of the dance floor! (kidding!)candid reception dancing pictures

Getting ready for his turn at the dollar dance:pittsburgh dollar dance

Tim’s dad enjoys the photobooth! Congrats, Erin + Tim!funny reception photobooth pictures pittsburgh

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