What if you become deathly ill on the day of our wedding? What if something happens out of nowhere and you just can’t make it?

What if your wedding photographer gets sick?

Valid questions! I hear this now and then in my client meetings, and….. not to worry! I’ve dedicated lots of time since the conception of my business networking with photographers and building a wonderful group of friends in the Pittsburgh area. On top of that, Melissa and Loren are my go-to girls, so if something were to happen, I’m fully confident that I have friends who would be able to photograph your wedding well.

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How to handle a substitute wedding photographer

Actually, this situation just occurred to me before! My good friend, Meaghan, had booked a wedding for April.. only to learn a short while later that she was pregnant and due the day after the wedding. Oh my! Not to worry, though. Meaghan and I had been in touch since the early stages of her pregnancy, and since I was available on the wedding date, I made sure to keep my day open so that I could help if anything were to happen. Sure enough, she had her super cute baby boy ta few days before, and we decided that it would be best for her to remain with him instead of running around for 10 hours straight just four days after giving birth.

We were both in touch with the bride and groom, and we nailed down the timeline. We were chatting throughout the entire week to make sure no detail was overlooked, and the wedding day went smoothly. Melissa and I tackled the wedding day photography, and Meaghan took care of the editing and album delivery for her bride and groom. Problem solved!

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Hiring a professional photographer

So, what’s the lesson? Hire a professional with a good network and you will be taken care of. Always. Even if you’re not our client – we want all brides and grooms to have an amazing, stress-free wedding day! Go team!


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