She’s got a way with orchids and a way to add a classy touch to everything she sets up – Allison McGeary can create a visually stunning centerpiece, even if it’s only all white. She and her team were also at the Omni Showcase, and I loved that they brought the white orchids and wooden boxes with them!

As I was photographing the table I could actually smell the wonderful wood scent mixed with the flowers – it was lovely! Here is their table design from the showcase:

Omni William Penn Hotel Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer

Loved the contrast of the rustic wood against a sparkly charger:

Allison McGeary Wedding Design

Allison McGeary wedding florist

Orchids. Ahhh love them!

Weddings at the Omni William Penn Hotel Downtown PittsburghWood and White wedding design by Allison McGeary

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