Last part of our Hawaii adventures – the North Shore of Oah’u! The North Shore is most well-known for it’s surfing! The waves are enormous, especially in January, so we decided to stay for a few days out of the business of Honolulu and in some cool surf-town areas. We rented a place from VRBO, and drove a few miles up the coast to the best surfing beaches. We didn’t get in the water – too dangerous!

Here are some of the waves from Wailea Beach. There were some brave souls who would venture into the waters and surf, boogeyboard, or body surf. I could sit on the beach and watch them all day!

The sunsets on the North Shore were just beautiful, and we loved sitting on the beach until the sun was below the horizon.

Broken boards! Yikes.

The North Shore also had some great food! Unlike typical restaurants, there were tons of food trucks. We decided to get some garlic shrimp.. oh my, yum! Too bad we got it before we got on a redeye flight back to PA. Sorry, fellow passengers!

Our last sunset in Hawaii:


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