Days 3-6 we were on Oah’u! A change of islands, and a change of pace. Coming from the tranquility of the Big Island, we were a bit shocked at first by the fast pace of Oah’u. It’s a much more busy area, but we found new adventures on the island! On the day we flew in, I had to speak to a group of photographers for part of the day, but afterwards we got some delicious sushi with friends and sang late night karaoke. It was fun!

The next day, we decided to hike Diamonhead – a dormant volcano, which has great panoramic views of Honolulu and the island. It was a good hike, a bit steep at times, but well worth it when we reached the top! We’re pretty good at holding a big, expensive camera at arms-length for photos. It’s part of the “professional” requirements for selfies.

Following our hike, we did a quick costume change in the car and headed out to a luau with some of our friends who were also vacationing on the island. We weren’t quite sure what to expect, but we had a ton of fun! The food was pretty good, and the entertainment was great. The Chief that ran the show was absolutely hilarious, and the dancing was wonderful! We loved it! Here they are “displaying” our pig to feast on. (Not sure how I felt about that part, but it was OK once that little piggy was in my belly)

Side note: Brad got the most hideous scorpion “tattoo” on his calf at the luau. It was so awful. And of course… he loved it.

There were both male and female dancers there, and they performed dances from all over the Pacific islands.

The Cheif fire-dancing. It was pretty cool!



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