I cannot wait to tell you all about our trip to Hawaii! The last tour stop of the Price, Process, and Profit tour was set to be in Honolulu, so Brad and I decided to make it into our yearly vacation. No reason to go all the way to Hawaii from the East Coast and not stay at least a week! We flew in on a series of flights from Pittsburgh -> JFK -> LAX -> Honolulu. It was long, and tiring, but once we were there it was absolutely worth it. We had never been to Hawaii, so when we were talking to our friends and family about planning our trip we received a lot of advice. Needless to say, it was all really confusing – especially with the names of places there. We were overwhelmed, so we used GoHawaii.com to learn a lot more about the islands and what they had to offer. That website was a god send – and it’s really well done!

We decided that we would hop on a quick flight to the Big Island first (this was really easy to do … island hop!). I’m breaking these posts into a series this week because there’s just to much to tell you about!

Anyway.. BIG ISLAND. We were in love. Everything about the Big Island is what Brad and I love to do – adventure, be active, find new places, enjoy nature, relax – it was truly our paradise. Granted, back home we are very busy and in the city, but when we vacation we become these crazy hikers and bikers and mountain climbers. Guess we just need a reason! On our first day on the Big Island we drove around in our rental car to some of the tropical areas on the Hilo side of the island (where we were staying), and then went to hike the lava!

We visited Akaka Falls – they were really tall! (They? Does that make sense?) I was there, camera being lugged around everywhere!

What can I say? I love him.

We went on a lava hike with Kalapana Cultural Tours, which is one of only two tour companies that allows you to get really close to the lava – you’ll see what I mean in a minute!

We had to hike across 2.5 mies of hardened lava flow in order to reach the active zone. The lava had cooled in some really neat shapes – I took tons of photos, so we were the last in line on the hike!

In addition, when lava cools, it’s 50% silica… or.. glass! It’s very sharp and cracks when you walk on it, so we needed to be extra careful.

Finally, we reached the active lava zone, and we could tell that we were there when the air temperature just spiked! It was much hotter all of a sudden! The lava was absolutely amazing. Just something to be seen – these photos barely do it justice! We were able to walk right up to the flowing lava, and we could see it flowing into the ocean and steaming once it hit the water.

We stayed through until it got dark. We just couldn’t stop watching! It was mesmerizing!

After we were done at the lava site, we had to hike back! It was another 2.5 miles over the broken lava with small flashlights. Such an adventure! More on Hawaii soon!


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