fox chapel golf club winter wedding

The day started on a mild December afternoon, with MK prepping at her parent’s house, and Tom hanging with the guys not far away. The girls readied themselves with lipstick touchups and last-minute bobby pins. The guys prepared for the day with some Busch pounders in honor of Tom’s late father. As MK’s dress was buttoned her mother and father looked on with pride that their only daughter was getting married, but she assured them with gifts of embroidered handkerchiefs that she would “always be their little girl”. The ceremony at MK’s hometown church solidified she and Tom’s union.

MK and Tom are an extraordinary couple – dedicated to the family and friends that they love, giving, and down-to-earth. On the other hand, they’re go-getters and traveling to Africa on a two week safari for their honeymoon in order to see more of the world together. They love classy and chic, but aren’t afraid to joke about their love of pumpkins or hippos with you. They’re made to be together, and I’m sure they’ll live a life together of cosmopolitan pleasures and ever-so-slightly offbeat jokes.

cranberry township wedding photographer

MK’s wedding dress had a LOT of buttons.

bride dressing in buttons

Seriously. A lot of buttons.

bride and bridesmaids

What a classic bride!

classic timeless wedding photography pittsburgh

St. Ferdinand’s Catholic Church in Cranberry:

st ferdinands church cranberry wedding

Exchanging their rings:

st ferdinand church wedding cranberry pa

Perfect shot of the unity candle. This doesn’t always happen due to the way churches are laid out and where the candle is placed.

bride and groom light unity candle pittsburgh


pittsburgh wedding photographers

Once at Fox Chapel Golf Club we had just a brief amount of time to take advantage of the setting sun…

pittsburghs best wedding photographers

So, they ran!

fun bride and groom golf clubs

Tom – you are a handsome gentleman!

handsome groomsmen

All of the bridesmaids looking absolutely adorable.

cute bridesmaid photo pewter dresses white flowers

Can’t get enough of this one. Classic. Timeless, yet still with a modern feel.

fox chapel golf club wedding photographer


weddings at the fox chapel golf club photography

Look how stinkin’ cute they are!

weddings at fox chapel golf club

Tom takes care of the greens at the golf club, so we had to shoot on the golf course!

weddings fox chapel golf club

Something totally different to satisfy my creative bug:

creative unique wedding photographer pittsburgh

MK asked if I added “can drive a golf cart” onto my resume. It’s there! (I speed)

weddings in fox chapel

Again, something a little different.

creative photographer in pittsburgh for weddings

MK’s dad giving a speech at the reception. I loved that the “head table” was really a long table in the middle of the room. It was non-pretentious yet still and elegant way to seat the bridal party.

parent speech at fox chapel country club

The golf club has a second, quite large room, where the bar and dancing were located:

weddings at fox chapel GC

Proud mama!

parent dance mother son

Bouquet toss time!

bouquet toss fox chapel golf club

The night finished up with some dancing, and the party was kept going by the (always awesome) Eric Schiemer:

fun winter wedding photographer pittbsurghfunny wedding candid photojournalistic

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