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They kneeled in front of the church and sang the hymns and read the passages. Their wedding ceremony was reverent, as Jason and Andrea were finally tying the knot after years which started in high school. Their parents watched from the front pews, and the vocalist sang beautifully from her spot next to the organ. The stained glass windows shone slight bits of blues and yellows on the guests, as the pastors helped them to recite their vows and make what was already set in stone – official.

And yet all through the humble ceremony they held hands. Bringing them together even more, and reassuring each other of the love they shared. Such a simple touch, but yet one that carries from a high school love into a life long love.

I got to talking a bit at the reception with one of Andrea’s bridesmaids, and she mentioned that she was four years younger than Andrea, yet they were friends in high school as well. This struck me, because typically the seniors and freshmen don’t mix. But no, she and Andrea had grown up together, and in high school Andrea insisted that she be brought into the mix and a celebrated part of the older group. Sure, it may not sound like much, but that’s the way that Andrea and Jason are. The go under the radar with their kindness, but can always be relied on to make someone feel special and appreciated.

Kind of like the way they hold hands all the time. Understated, yet quite meaningful and showing in their own way exactly what’s in their hearts. Their wedding day was truly a celebration of the next chapter in their lives, and they are ready to celebrate the years to come as high school sweethearts turned life-long sweethearts.
St Stephen Lutheran Church Greentree Wedding
Andrea wore some beautiful Swarovski jewelry.
St Stephen Lutheran Church Wedding Photographer
A bride needs a little help getting into her wedding dress!
PIttsburgh wedding photojournalist
I really like it when brides wear blushers – it’s such a traditional aspect that is just heartwarming to watch.
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St. Stephen Lutheran Church in Greentree:
st stephen lutheran church wedding photography
The bridesmaids and groomsmen all surrounded the altar during the ceremony.
pittsburgh wedding in greentree
Wedding vows:
greentree wedding photographer
We stopped in Mt. Lebanon for a few photos before heading to the country club:
mt lebanon bird park wedding pictures
creative pittsburgh wedding photography
The scenery at Valleybrook Country Club was really picturesque, and I love how the bridesmaids really looked fresh and summery in their short pink dresses.
valleybrook country club weddings
Andrea was a beautiful bride!
valley brook country club wedding photographer
Who claimed her handsome groom.
valleybrook country club weddings mcmurray
There are lots of fun reception photos, but these two really stood out to me, because I quickly became obsessed with the chandeliers.
valleybrook country club wedding photographers
fun wedding photographers pittsburgh mcmurray mt lebanon

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