They like to play pranks on each other. He throws a cup of cold water on her in the shower, she retaliates with a bucket.

When I first met Andrea and Jason they were quiet. Maybe nervous. All in all a wonderful couple, and quiet to start. We shot their session at Point State Park and had a great time just walking around and trying our absolute best to avoid construction signs and fences in our backgrounds. We chatted, and eventually I asked what they really like to do. And then I was surprised. They like to play pranks on each other. Awesome!

The engagement, though? Not a prank. It’s real, and they are very much best friends and made to be together. Here are my favorites from their engagement session:

Point park engagement photos.
I just love photos like this.
Cute engagement picture.
Creative Pittsburgh engagement photographers
Andrea’s shirt color is one that I just love. So vibrant and amazingly flattering on her skin.
Point State Park pictures.
Creative and Unique wedding photographers in Pittsburgh
Adorondak Chairs
This is the peak week for the fall leaves.
Pittsburgh wedding photography in the fall.
Andrea’s got beautiful blue eyes!
Beautiful eyes in a downtown Point Park engagement session.
Thank you, Jason & Andrea, for having me along to shoot your engagement session! You both look so happy!
Fun engagement photographer in Pittsburgh

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