When I received a voicemail from Christen, she just explained that she had a “different” request. Being that I also shoot boudoir, sometimes I get voice mails that say the same thing. I wasn’t sure what was in store for me! When I called her back, I heard a terrible story. Christen and Mike were married in May, but their hired photographer was a no-show at the wedding. Think of what that would feel like! So, so sad. Christen explained that really, she just wanted some beautiful photos of her and her husband Mike to express the true joy that they felt on their wedding day. Something they could frame. Something they could hang on their wall.

My heart strings were instantly tugged and of course I agreed to do a wedding re-shoot with them. Tom at Heinz Chapel was incredibly accommodating, and let us use the chapel on a weekday afternoon to re-shoot their wedding images. After that, we headed over the Phipps Conservatory, where their reception was held, for some relaxed portraits in the garden.

We had such a wonderful time, and I truly, truly hope that Christen and Mike love their new “wedding” images.

Love the light through the stained glass at Heinz Chapel.
Heinz Chapel Wedding Photographer
Photographer moves, couple stays the same. Two different photos.
Heinz Chapel wedding pictures.
Christen’s family was the best! They dressed back up like the wedding day and joined us for some family photos as well!
Phipps Conservatory outdoor garden.
Goal: Look like May and not October.
Phipps Conservatory wedding photographer
Garden at Phipps Conservatory for weddings
Always love forehead kisses.
Christen and Mike are married and these are their wedding pictures.
PIttsburgh wedding photography
So romantic. Mike was such a nice guy!
Romantic wedding photographer
Phipps is one of my favorite places to shoot. The gardens are just beautiful, and I’m happy that I have more weddings there next year.
Phipps Conservatory outdoor garden wedding photo
Beautiful wedding photography in Pittsburgh at Phipps
University of Pittsburgh wedding picture
We also stopped by the Carnegie Pillars. Amazing how empty they are on a Monday instead of a Saturday! 😉
Carnegie Mellon Pillars wedding photo
Was in the mood for a dress twirling shot. What do you think?
Carnegie pillars columns picture
A BIG congratulations is in order for you both!!

Side note: I firmly believe that it is a professional photographers duty to ensure the highest level of professionalism for their clients. In my personal opinion, it is completely unacceptable for a photographer to label themselves as a professional, accept a payment, and not show to a couple’s wedding. It is one of the most important days in their lives, and it is incredibly disrespectful to not acknowledge that our job as professionals is to document their love and special day. (That was bothering me /rant 😉 )

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