Danya loves shoes, shopping, and jewelry.

Zach is a teacher and loves the Pens.

All of the above I share a love for as well, which is why we had SUCH a great time shooting Danya and Zach’s engagement session! We shot their engagement session in the Mt. Lebanon Shopping District, just because I had driven through there quite a few times and always thought it would be a cute location for a session. When we met up, we got back to talking about their relationship and how they met. They’ve been together for 7 years now, and just wanted to “at least look like they liked each other” in their engagement pictures. Hey! I can relate! Brad and I are like that some times too, especially having been together for a while. It becomes a different dynamic, and you’re not quite sure that the mushy mushy is there still…

Needless to say, I think that they were sorely mistaken with their request. The “it” is totally there. The way Zach goes to get Danya’s change of clothes from the car, because her love of high heels has her in a slight bit of pain. How they laugh together and joke around. The way Danya wrinkles her nose just a bit when they laugh right after kissing. How Zach has an opinion on her hair color, but loves her no matter what the season’s styles call for. It’s there, in full force, and I’m so happy to be photographing their wedding next year at Laube Hall.

Here are some of my favorites from their engagement session in the Mt. Lebanon Shopping District and then Bird Park:
Mt. Lebanon engagement photoa
Danya’s hair looked gorgeous!
Mt. Lebanon shopping area pictures
Work it.
Sexy engagement photos in Pittsburgh
This one was shot in a little patio area in Mt. Lebanon right off of Washington Avenue.
Pittsburgh's best wedding photographer
Love. Love. Love the red doors.
Red door engagement picture
I couldn’t pick just one picture.
Upper St. Clair wedding photographer
This one was taken in the alley behind the Mt. Lebanon stores.
Pittsburgh wedding photographer at Laube Hall
Can’t put my finger on it, but there’s just something about this one.
Danya and Zach are engaged
After shooting in the main area of Mt. Lebanon, we went down the street to Bird Park.
Bird Park in Mt. Lebanon wedding and engagement photoCute happy engagement picture in Pittsburgh
They’re Pittsburgh Penguins fans! Yes! Awesome.
Pittsburgh Penguins engagement photo jerseys
A cute photo for a Save the Date?
Save the date engagement pictures in Bird Park Mt. Lebanon
The best part? We made them a Save-The-Date video from their engagement session images!

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