They met at a wedding in a garden. They were engaged in the same garden. Their engagement session was shot near Phipps Conservatory, and their wedding ceremony will be an outdoor ceremony in upstate New York. They’ve got an easy-going vibe between the two of them, that just fits with the garden theme of their relationship.

They’ve city jumped, from Chicago to Cleveland and now to Pittsburgh where Dennis is completing his graduate coursework. Emily comes with him, because she loves him. Together they city jump together and enjoy the journey.

They move between the cities, but they always end up in a garden. I think that, in itself, is a beautiful story.

Dennis King and Emily Bayer are engaged.

Their wedding will take place in Upstate New York.

We weren’t sure exactly what these flowers were, but they smelled amazing!

Dennis is originally from Chicago.

They are SO cute.

They are in Pittsburgh because Dennis is attending Carnegie Mellon University.

Their engagement session was shot at Schenley Park.

Divine fall light.

After photographing there, we went to Phipps Conservatory.

They’re good at getting each other to laugh too!

These images were taken with the garden for their engagement session.

Dennis and Emily are engaged to be married.

This is my personal favorite.

They are a hap[py, fun, and easy going couple.

These are cute engagement pictures at Phipps Conservatory.

Thanks so much, Emily & Dennis. It was wonderful to meet you and work with you! Enjoy Pittsburgh too 🙂

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