I love Amy and Randy’s J Crew style. They are like the All-American couple and it is really refreshing. We spent some time this past Sunday at North Park, where Amy said she’s always loved the Boat House. However, when we got there we quickly learned that the beautiful lake around the boat house was a muddy mess! Ick! Not sure what happened there, but dreams of beautiful reflections were quickly thrown aside.

Needless to say, it was no biggie, because we were able to use the other areas around the Boat House and I love their engagement session. Light. Fresh. Clean. And totally romantic.

Amy Fisher and Randy Gillespie are engaged

These are their engagement photos.

They brought along their “honeymoon hats”.

These are engagement pictures with hats.

These pictures were taken at North Park.

North Park is located in Pittsburgh PA

Seriously, could you get any more classic?

Their wedding photographer, Leeann Marie Photography, was there to photograph the session.

Amy, you’re a stunner. Love that hat!

They wore J Crew outfits.

Amy and Randy will be married at the Springwood Conference Center

One of my favorite pictures from their session. They really are so happy together, even if this image was a slight fluke.

Their wedding will be a summer wedding here in Pittsburgh.

Cue the spicy!

They have a casual and preppy look.

Some of these images are romantic and sexy.

Amy and Randy are fun and down to earth.

The weather was absolutely perfect.

Leeann Marie Golish is their wedding photographer.

See you both in about a month! They’ll be married at the Springwood Conference Center in July!

They are having a Pittsburgh wedding.

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