Nikki and Chris were married last Saturday in Weirton, West Virginia. Nikki looked absolutely beautiful, and all of the guests couldn’t help but tell them that they should be on the front of a magazine. However, despite the fact that Nikki and Chris were just a beautiful couple to begin with, they’re beautiful people on the inside too. Chris is always caring and courteous, and Nikki is so helpful and sweet. Their wedding day was beautiful, and we were able to hold off the rain just long enough to get some photos on the Pleasant Valley Country Club lawn. The reception at the Serbian Cultural Center? Well of course it was a blast! Here are some (or… a lot…) of my favorites from the day:

Nikki Flora Chris Corwell

Nikki’s childhood bedroom was just full of trophies and ribbons she’s won throughout the years, so I thought her engagement ring on them would be fitting.

Pittsburgh wedding photographer

Weirton wedding photographer

Check out all that dress!

Black and white wedding

Wedding pictures at the Serbian Cultural Center

I love this arrangement of her bridesmaid’s reactions when she walked out of the room in her wedding dress. Their best friend, all grown up.

West Virginia Wedding photographers

A beautiful ceremony at St. Joe’s, with jokes and all!

Nikki and Chris married photos

Beautiful bride

Nikki and all of her girls.

A picture that is modern sexy and classic

Loved this big window inside of the Pleasant Valley Country Club.

Wedding photographers + Pittsburgh


Leeann Marie Photography loves to photograph weddings

The view really was scenic, despite that it was SO windy outside! I wanted to get everything in the image, while still having Nikki and Chris well lit, so I threw some extra fill flash on them, and voila!

Fabulous wedding photography

The way the wind is blowing Nikki’s hairpiece…

Colorful and artistic wedding photos

The gorgeous couple.

Reception pictures

I love this one. So soft.

St. Josephs Catholic Church Weirton

Seriously one of my favorite images from their day. The expression. The warm, dark, honey tones. I love it.

Pittsburgh photographers who shoot weddings

Professional wedding photographer in Pittsburgh

Fun fresh Glamorous and stylish weddin photos

We went later in the evening to grab a few romantic shots of the two of them.

End of the night pictures

A great end to the night!

Fun reception photos

And the slideshow!

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