Pittsburgh’s Grand Hall at the Priory Weddings

Pittsburgh’s Grand Hall at the Priory is a fantastic all-in-one venue for the relaxed, but unique bride and groom. The property has a wonderful, quaint hotel where your guests can stay for the weekend. With a location very close to the Mexican War Streets and Downtown Pittsburgh, there is lots of entertainment within walking and quick driving distance. In addition, the Priory also owns two townhomes on the same street, where our couples often stay and get ready for their wedding days.

You can host your wedding ceremony on the property in the Grand Hall or in the courtyard for smaller guest counts. There is also a garden across the street from the Grand Hall that is wonderful for wedding pictures. The Grand Hall itself is vast, elegant, and sure to “Wow!” your guests as a unique space near to the city of Pittsburgh. Their staff are some of the best in the city, and there is a huge dance floor for your guests to party. We always love the convenience of the balcony in the Grand Hall for group photos and unique angles of the venue.


614 Pressley Street, Pittsburgh 15212